17 on 2017 | Plans and Goals for the Coming Year

Coming year? Hahaha, I know I am way behind my blogs, but because January is usually my adjustment period – a bridge connecting the past year to the new year, my year is basically just about to start. On this post, I will list all the bookish things I want to do for the entire year. I know I am always failing, but it still is fun doing this, so let’s go.

1) Read 85 books. 100 books is a little bit more than I can chew, so I will make it realistic this time. My plan is to basically read 2 books per week – one from Monday to Thursday and another one from Friday to Sunday. This sounds perfectly doable, and it will also allow me to do other things as well.

2) Read at least 20 books from authors new to me. Well, I am the reader who always try to read books from authors I haven’t read yet… very rare do I actually read multiple books from one author within the year unless it’s part of a series, but for this goal, I want to read books from highly acclaimed authors that I still haven’t read yet – Jeffrey Eugenides, Kurt Vonnegut, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Jane Austen, and Alice Munro among others.

3) Read 5 classics. Now this is going to be a challenge for me, but okay, I will try to do it. Maybe one classic every other month so it would be easier to tackle.

4) Around the Year in 52 Books, again. I failed last year’s challenge, so I am determined to go for it again. I already listed the books I want to read, I will post my TBR List after this post.

5) Buy 50 books maximum. Although my book case still has a few shelves open, limiting myself to buy only 50 books will allow me to buy other things I needed. This year, I want to makeover my room (buy a new bed and mattress), so I’d rather put my money there than on books. That way, I will be “forced” to read the books I already own.

6) Pay extra for every book I buy. This is a challenge initiated by my friend Gie. This year, us friends are totally devoted to cut back on our book spending, so to deter us from buying, we vowed to pay extra for every book we buy. For every hardback book, we pay 40… 20 for every paperback… and 10 for every eBook. Every month, we will rundown all the books we bought to know the amount we have to pay, and at the end of the year, the one with the least amount of books bought will get all the money collected as a reward. I will aim to win this challenge, I need money. Hahaha.

7) Book bank. Every start of the year, people are always looking for ways to save money, maybe because of the spending from Christmas. One popular money saving challenge I saw was to set aside money every week – 50, then 100, then 150, so on and so forth. One brilliant idea I got from Gie was to set aside money for every book read. What she will do is to set aside 100 for every physical book she read and 50 for every eBook, but I am determined to save money, so I will put it at 100 pesos for every book I read no matter its format. This is not really that challenging as I don’t really get to finish one book every day, but the challenge is when I join Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, as I usually finish 3 to 4 books within that 24 hour period.

8) Join 5 Readathons. As I have said in my previous post, a readathon is a good way to push one’s reading. This year, I want to join at least 5 with Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon and Bout of Books as my main readathons. As of this writing, the first part of Bout of Books just ended, but there will still be another one, so I will join that instead.

9) Finish the Lunar Chronicles. I enjoyed my time reading Scarlet, Cress, and Fairest last year, and I started listening to Winter on audiobook, but I wasn’t able to finish it. This year, I vow to read the remaining two books – Winter and Stars Above.

10) Read at least 10 Fantasy / Sci-Fi books. These two genres are my least amount of books read last year, and I am actually not a big fantasy reader, but I want to try different genres, hence this challenge. I already finished one and I am currently reading another fantasy book, so I guess this is possible to reach.

11) Read at least 10 books from different countries. This is an awesome reading project I recently saw on YouTube, something I want to try if I can do it. As a big contemporary / realistic fiction reader, I notice that most of the books I read are often set in the US or in England. Though I have read a few books from other countries last year, I want to widen my horizons and read books from other countries that aren’t usually used in novels.

12) Have a reading journal. Last year, I started creating a quote journal, but I wasn’t able to sustain it for the entire year. While writing the recap of that year, I realized the many things I forgot to jot down, so this year I will create a reading journal . just to make it easier for me to look for certain things, and I think it just looks cool to have a journal specifically devoted to the books I read for the year.

13) Finish at least 5 Book Photo Challenges. Instagram is my favorite social media platform, but I do have to say it is difficult to think of what to post every day. Book photo challenges are great ways to not only share a picture but also share a bit of yourself to your followers, but last year, I noticed I would start a photo challenge, but won’t actually finish it. This year, I will try my best to finish it.

14) Discover more bookish themed establishments. Book cafes are aplenty now, I guess it is time to check them out.

15) Watch the movie adaptation if it’s available. No explanations needed. 🙂

16) Join a blog tour. This is still a so-so plan as I am not yet an established book blogger, but maybe at the last quarter of the year, I will try if I can do this.

17) Be an active blogger… and a book reviewer. Hahahaha. It is so easy to blog, but it is so darn hard to review a book. For the past few days, I think I already found the blogging mojo, I just have to keep doing it to build the habit. Oh gosh, I hope I can do this.

Quite a lot to do for 2017, but I will try to do as much as I can. Let’s see by the end of the year if I was able to do all. Wish me luck.



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