June to September Book Haul

Hello, hello! Long time no see! Yeah, it’s been so long since I last blogged (blame laziness), but I figured… it’s the new month, a good time to start anew, or pick up where I left of. Anyway, the time I shared a monthly haul here was last April, but because I didn’t acquire any books last May (I know, scandalous, right? Haha),ย  I will share books I hauled from June ’til September.



In June, I only bought books from Bookoutlet, which was actually bought months before, but just delivered here this month. This wasn’t a one-time, big-time shopping, this was two sets of book shopping with friends that were delivered at the same time. “The First Bad Man” and “Heidi” were bought together, while the rest were in the same batch. Some of the books I have already read in the past, but I want to have a personal library that houses books I loved, so I bought physical copies.



July started on a good note, when I received this beautiful copy of John Lennon’s book – Krish’s birthday gift for me. I am so happy to finally have a copy of this!


Now here is another Book Outlet haul, something that I wasn’t able to resist because… because… look at that! I love, love David Levithan, and the site has two books, and then there’s “A Little Life” and “The Nightingale,” and the only Gillian Flynn book I still don’t have! I truly love this haul!


It was surprising when Elena messaged me and asked me for a book I want because she was shopping at Book Outlet and thought of giving me a book as a birthday present. In my mind, I only have two books I want, and I decided to go for this. It has intrigued me for so long, and you just have to check back here for my “review,” but spoilers… I loved it.


Now, we have another Book Outlet haul. Yes, get used to that because I now buy books there than anywhere else since I have a limit in my book shopping. This haul right here deserves no hesitations. I am collecting the Puffin in Bloom classics, and because I already have “Heidi,” I would never pass the chance of owning “Little Women” and “A Little Princess,” too. I now only need one and I have the original 4 books in my collection. Also, I bought another Levithan book because… well, that doesn’t need explanations anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚



I only acquired one book this month – a book paid for by my brother when us girls traveled to Cagayan de Oro to be with him and sister-in-law. Knowing the city has big book stores, I was quite prepared to buy a brand new (read: expensive) book, but I was so thankful that a Booksale branch has this book. I am not overly familiar with this one, but I have read so many good reviews, and no other book at the store piqued my interest, so I am happy to go for this. Thanks, kuya!



Oh hey, a haul that is not from Book Outlet. Lol. Well, September is MIBF (Manila International Book Fair) month, and these were the books I bought. I will post a recap of the very awesome day, so you can read there the reasons why I chose to buy these.


Back to Book Outlet haul now. These were the books I bought during their summer sale. The two at the top were Filipino books (which were internationally released), and you have no idea how happy I was seeing these two. Anyway, I also bought another Matthew Quick book, and finally, a copy of “The Merciless” because it was so cheap and even became cheaper because of the sale. It sure is difficult to resist buying a lot during a sale, but these four books I am happy about.


Ahhh, so beautiful these two books look for sure! Anyway, “The Wrath & the Dawn” I bought from Book Outlet, while its sequel, “The Rose & the Dagger” was given to me by my friend Niรฑa as a birthday gift. I am so excited to read more of Khalid and Shazi, and if I can’t read this in October, I will surely read it in November.


Finally, I present to you my very first Roald Dahl book! Gie gave this to me and I am so grateful for it because it’s been years since I wanted to own a copy of his book, but I just couldn’t buy one because I found the ones sold at Booksale a bit expensive, knowing my friends got to buy it for incredibly low price. Anyway, I found this to be a good way of familiarizing myself with his writing, and maybe soon, I will start collecting his books, too.

So there you have it… four months worth of books. I am very happy with my purchases, and I look forward to more book hauls in the coming months.

Tomorrow, I will recap the books I read while I was gone.



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