Winning Newleafwriter’s Giveaway

Sarah of Newleafwriter is one of my favorite bookstagrammers. I love how bookstagrammers take the time to arrange every image they post and hers has to be one of the best.

viber image3 viber image2

When she had a flash giveaway for an iPad Mini case from Klevercase, I remembered joining it because I fell inlove with the design and I love The Hunger Games, too! Following all the instructions, I somehow forgot I joined the giveaway, until I received a notification that I won. Hahahaha.

Upon receiving the notification, I sent Sarah my address and waited for my parcel to arrive.

viber image1

I won 24th of April, and by 12th of May I received a notice from the post office to pick up a parcel. I am just grateful that the parcel was forwarded at the post office of the mini City Hall near our place, as years ago, every parcel I received had to be picked up at the post office in Novaliches. It took me nearly one month before I finally picked it up, but I was so grateful that I only had to pay the post office fee and didn’t have to pay further taxes, something a lot of Filipinos complain about when picking their parcels at the post office.

I truly look forward to using this. Thank you for the generosity, Sarah! May the heavens send back more blessings your way.


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