A Month in the Life | May 2016

May has 31 days, but for some reasons, this seemed to be the shortest month for me. Everything just went by so fast! June seemed to be passing by so fast as well, but in the spirit of doing things on a monthly basis, let me post this.


1 – I baked again… another pastry. It just so happened that we had half a stick of cream cheese in the fridge, so when I saw a video from Tasty on YouTube for Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Filling, I knew I had to try it out. It turned out good.

2 – Election Day was a long process (sister and I had to stand in line for three hours), but it sure felt great to vote. To unwind, we watched a movie and had snacks at Seattle’s Best Coffee (my first time to try their offerings). Unfortunately, before the day ended, I had bad tummyache, probably because I didn’t get to eat breakfast before voting, then we ate very late lunch (around 1:30PM) and from there I ate food after food after food. This tummy ache lasted for how many days – we feared it might be appendicitis or kidney problems… or ulcer. As of this writing, I feel better already, but I still get acid reflux every now and then.

3 – I turned 36! Whoa, I am sooo old now… but I feel really, really young. On the day itself, I didn’t have a celebration, but my sister surprised me by bringing home KFC (my super favorite) and a small cake. It touched me dearly, but now I need to think of how to surprise her on her birthday by the end of the year.

4 – Mother’s Day and my birthday celebration happened the day after, when us girls spent a day at Microtel by Wyndham (Mall of Asia). The rate was a little too expensive for me, but spending a day with my girls is something no one can put a price tag on.

5 – So grateful to be invited to another food tasting event, this time at Casa Italia Cafe. I looooved all the food, and it made me miss blogging in general. I miss the events, I miss the drive, I miss the feeling of waking up and looking forward to blog. I hope I get to feel that again.

6 – I finally had my haircut after one and a half years!!!

7 – I joined Zumba for the first time after a long time. It was so difficult to get back in the hang of things, but I truly want to lose weight again. Actually, I lost 6lbs. without doing anything, but my tummy felt bigger. Anyway, the willingness to lose weight sprung from the recent doctor visit mom had. Her left knee is losing natural lubrication, and while it doesn’t pose a threat yet, but the doctor advised mom not to gain weight anymore, or lose weight if she could, to help ease the tension on her knee. This is a great way to join her.

8 – This month, I had my very first facial at the spa. I am not the type of a person who gives importance to skin – as long as I bathe, lotion, powder… that felt good to me already. This month, I discovered the many Filipino beauty vloggers and I binge watched their videos, allowing me to discover many beauty products. I have started a beauty regimen. I know, I know… I am not gifted with a beautiful face, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care for it, right?

9 – Mom hosted a prayer meeting, and it allowed me to do changes in the bathroom, which made me do a few other changes in my bedroom, specifically in my closet. I took out almost half of it and I love that my closet look more spacious now. I still don’t know what to do with these clothes, but I am glad this move made my sister clean her closet as well.

I am starting to feel lazy. My reading pace became slower, I spent more time giving in to distractions, and the health problems seemed to wear me down a little. This month, I didn’t acquire any books, but that didn’t mean I didn’t buy any. My friends and I bought some books from Bookoutlet, but the books are still on the way, so no haul this month.

Though short, this month has been very meaningful. I just need to sort out things, have focus, and manage my time well.

As for this blog… I will start uploading book reviews starting tomorrow. Time to add color on this blog.


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