Friday Finds & Book Blogger Hop 06 May 16

It’s been a while since I last blogged on a Friday, but because I have idle time and that I am relying on YouTube to listen to “Cress” by Marissa Meyer, I figured I would blog while I listen.

book blogger hop  Why did you start your blog?

This was the third book blog I put up, still with the same reason – to document my reading life. Before I decided to open this, I am already very active on Instagram and GoodReads, and in a way it would have been enough…but I wanted a place where I could merge both platforms without having to worry about very long captions (on IG). In a way, I am quite the sentimental person, who wanted something to look back on when I am wrinkly and old – see if I made a progress, and reading my initial thoughts about books, and compare them to my “new” views, should I re-read a book. I am still working on my confidence as far as writing reviews is concerned, but pretty soon, I will concentrate on writing book reviews.

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In one month that I didn’t update my “Friday Finds” section, I have seen a lot of interesting books around, but for this post, just 9 books. I am no longer linking this to “A Daily Rhythm” as the owner of the blog stopped this meme already.


“The Sad Passions” by Veronica Gonzalez Peña 〉〉〉 The cover was interesting, but the blurb was more interesting – “Told by six women in one family, Veronica Gonzalez Pena’s “The Sad Passions” captures the alertness, beauty, and terror of childhood lived in proximity to madness. Set against the backdrop of a colonial past, spanning three generations, and shuttling from Mexico City to Oaxaca to the North Fork of Long Island to Veracruz, “The Sad Passions “is the lyrical story of a middle-class Mexican family torn apart by the undiagnosed mental illness of Claudia, a lost child of the 1960s and the mother of four little girls.

“The Fair Fight” by Anna Freeman 〉〉〉 I saw this from WoolfsWhistle on YouTube, and was easily convinced, as I do find historical fiction very interesting.

“Mayumi and the Sea of Happiness” by Jennifer Tseng 〉〉〉 A 41-year old librarian and a 17-year old boy. That’s all I needed to know.


“The Good Kind of Bad” by Rita Brassington 〉〉〉 Psychological thriller? Sold.

“The Tokyo Zodiac Murders” by Soji Shimada 〉〉〉 This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I do like watching movies and TV shows about serial murders (fiction or non-fiction). Having seen this on one Instagram page, I surely want to read it as well.

“I Have the Right to Destroy Myself” by Young-Ha Kim 〉〉〉 Contemporary, Romance, Mystery…I still haven’t read one Korean book, and this sounded good.


“The Vegetarian” by Han Kang 〉〉〉 Another Korean book, this one I got to know from Eunice, when she shared her bookmail yesterday.

“The Way I Used to Be” by Amber Smith 〉〉〉 …because I still have love for Young Adult Contemporary novels.

“Skywriting by Word of Mouth” by John Lennon 〉〉〉 Yes, the John Lennon. I would have never known he has written a book if not for a picture posted on Instagram. Of the books I shared here, this might be the one I will buy very soon…maybe as a birthday gift for myself.



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5 Responses to Friday Finds & Book Blogger Hop 06 May 16

  1. Peyton Black says:

    I think that is a fantastic reason to start blogging! I also want to be able to look back and see what I thought when I was reading novels… There are some books I still reread today – from my reviews will I still want to read them when I am older? My daughter is 9 and she loves to read to.. She said she wants to blog when she gets a bit older as well. I think it is a great thing to be able to use something like this for an outlet of our thoughts! 🙂


  2. Katherine P says:

    My reasons started out very similar – I like having all my reviews and thoughts in one place that I can reference. I love your Friday Finds! I’m a crime show junkie so I’m super curious about The Tokyo Zodiac Murders.


  3. Welcome to the Book Blogger Hop. Nice to see a new face. If you have been here before, glad to see you again. 🙂 I don’t think I have, though.

    I like to look back too, but I am not wrinkly yet. 🙂 I see a growth from 2010 when I started my blog until now. It is fun to see.

    I don’t know any of your books, but I like the looks of The Way I Used To Be.

    Have a great weekend, and Happy Hopping!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer


  4. Literary Feline says:

    I have been hearing good things about “The Vegetarian”. I’ll be curious to read your thoughts on it!

    Thank you for sharing your blog story with us. I find it so interesting to see how everyone got their start. I started keeping a reading journal for much the same reason–and then it progressed into blogging. I’ve been reviewing books for a long time and I still don’t think I’m very good at it. Haha Have a good week!


  5. sportochick says:

    I like your idea of something to look back at.
    Sportochick’s Musings Blog Hop Answer


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