The Book Stop Project at Ayala Triangle

Wednesday morning last week (27 April 2016), my sister sent a picture via Viber about the pop-up library in Ayala Triangle, which piqued my interest. Before the day ended, I made a decision to visit it… the next day.



It was so fortunate that my sister had to check another one of her boss’s businesses near Ayala Triangle, so she was able to accompany me. The pop-up library was small, but very, very beautiful (my pictures didn’t give it justice as I was using my phone’s camera). I think it was perfect that they situated it here because of the place’s lush greens and ample space…and should one gets hungry, there are a few food shops nearby as well.

The aim of The Book Stop Project is simple – to promote reading. By creating a unique looking pop-up library, it entices the non-readers to visit it… even if their primary aim (in my opinion) is for pictures. I think, even if they’re not really readers, seeing the books, borrowing them and browsing them for a while, there is still that spark of interest forming in them. This might not entirely mean they will be converted into readers, but it will be a good start. Who knows, right? It only takes one book for one to create that habit of reading.

As for the readers, this project is a good way of “disposing” books they no longer love, they have multiple copies of, and a string of all other reasons. By donating their books, it gives other people the chance to read it, and them getting other books in return allows them to try new genre or new author, letting the flow of words continue in the said process.

image-9b2e04d96fc4f5a94836a859278ad9445e1329cf3a55f2fc9f5b3a9b1a769f17-V image-b783f144e8f9bf0dc544bc9d9c2e2e31ca98519df9b0760d0705b61bb01fb231-V


There are only two rules –

  1. Give a book, get a book.
  2. If you don’t have a book to give, return the book you borrowed.

A very good set of rules, me thinks. If people will just get books and not donate something in return, the project will eventually die. I donated three books, and in return I got two books.

If you are a bookworm hoping to get a good book in exchange of your book, timing and luck play a major role, as no one knows when someone drops a good book (“good” being a subjective matter), and no one knows if one with the same taste as yours is already there to get it before you do.


Based on the pictures I have seen on Instagram, one was able to get a Murakami book, one was able to get “The Girl with All the Gifts,” and one left a copy of “The Happiness Project.” My sister and I visited around 10:30AM of Thursday, and our timing wasn’t that good, because it was still early – meaning the books on the shelves were from last night, as people started coming around lunchtime onward. Though very few choices, I was happy with the books I took home – a copy of “The Wolf on Wall Street” by Jordan Belfort and a locally published poetry book, which I intend to give to my dear friend Eunice.

image-590a4e0bd60ef44cfbb3c06889092238de6cb0dbafbd12adf3a5e3e767be079a-V image-a8e74cd61be091e6c17ae4cf24c9a5266a6ef28c4f6174bca06d662e31ea4ee0-V

Of course… I didn’t pass the chance to have my pictures taken. πŸ™‚

The pop-up library will be at the Ayala Triangle (Makati City) until the 7th of May, and on the 8th, it will be transferred to Intramuros (Manila City). Based on the picture posted by @thebookstopPH on Instagram, it will be at Plaza Roma (fronting Manila Cathedral and Palacio del Gobernador). I will surely check it out, and maybe tag my mom along as well. I am now thinking of books to donate.

Oh by the way, please don’t think of this as a garbage bin. Your book donations are very welcome, but please don’t leave books you are sure you won’t pick yourself- those with water damage, or torn pages… you understand what I am saying. Please bear in mind that people come here to find their next read, please respect the trade of books. If your books are damaged, might as well recycle it however you want, or give it to junk shops.

To view more pictures from this project, check the hashtag #thebookstopPH on Instagram.


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