A Month in the Life | April 2016

April. This month I experienced the hottest summer of my life! I still haven’t resorted to adding ice in my bath water (like last year), but no doubt, this was the worst summer ever. Good thing it started raining the last few days of April, but as hot as it was, I am actually not looking forward to the rainy season just yet.

Some snippets from my life in April –


1 – My copy of “Lolita” arrived, finally! This means, no longer had to buy a new copy to make up for the boo-boo she had when ordering my giveaway prize. I am so relieved that the postal system decided to send it straight here.

2 – Since my sister usually stays with her best friend, it is rare for us girls to eat out. Thankfully, we got to eat out twice this month – at Seafood Island and at Manam, plus a dessert trip at Cold Stone Creamery.

3 – I got to bake again! Just one time this month, but it turned out good, and I loved it. Hopefully in May I could bake at least two or three times, but I want to learn how to bake bread as well. I need to make peace with yeast. Hahaha.

4 – I joined my very first Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! It was such a fun readathon, and I am looking forward to the next one.

5 – A trip to sister’s workplace made me learn that Adventure Time was McDonald’s Happy Meal toys! Of course I just need to complete it. Good thing my sister loves Happy Meal toys, so she ended up buying 4 of 6 toys. Lol. Thank you, didi.

6 – This month, I was grateful to have invited to two blog events – One for McCormick, the other for Energen. I still couldn’t say if I am really back to attending events, but of course it warmed my heart that PR companies still invite me. I missed one event, though. I didn’t realize I was invited to one event until I read the invitation four days after the actual event! Arrrgh.

7 – I got to see the Pop-Up Library at Ayala Triangle! Full story I will share in the next post, so I am withholding any more detail for now.

8 – I received a box of books from Gie! Yay!!! Been waiting for some of the books since December, and they are now here! *happy dance* Now the problem is, how to arrange the books.

9 – This was an old photo shared to me by amore mio, I decided to share this picture because his cat Molly died a few days ago. It was such a sad day, even I was so sad about it, but Molly had been sick for a while, and one consolation from it was that she was no longer in pain. As for me and Lorenzo, our relationship is getting better each day; we learn more about each other, and even if we both forgot our monthsary this month (lol, that was a funny story), we just love each other more every day.

This month, Instagram had an update, and I noticed the drop ofย  likes on my images. Before the update, I could reach 200+ likes at times, but now I noticed it would take more than 24 hours for a picture to gain 100 likes. Interestingly, I could see some bookstagrammers with less than 1000 followers to have 200+ likes on their images, and now I am just baffled at how Instagram works. Don’t get this one wrong… I am not instagramming for likes, I am not doing it for fame or free swags (I actually declined a review book because I don’t think I am ready to do that yet), I just noticed the difference. Fret not, I am still going to bookstagram as usual. With or without likes, I will continue sharing book pictures.

Blogging took a plunge this month… I just was lazy to blog, blame the heat.

Overall, I was so happy with how April turned out. May is my birth month… and though I am part scared, I am quite excited at how it will unfold. Thank you, April. May… hello! Let’s be friends, okay?


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