Blue for Autism Awareness Day

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Last year, it was my first time to join @jillmray’s #bluebooksforautismawareness, but years ago, I have joined several nail bloggers in sharing their blue nails to help support the movement to raise awareness. This year, I decided to combine both and shared one image on my Instagram page. Since it’s Mani Monday today, I will go back to blue nails once more.


Since it’s summer here already, I decided to go for pastel nail polish and I was actually going to share my yellow nails, but it would have to wait. The nail polished I used was Etude House in CBL601, possibly the only blue pastel nail polish I own. I have had this nail polish for two years already, and although I already consumed half of the bottle, it is still very easy to use, one of the reasons why I love Korean nail polishes so much.

Anyway, like what I said on my Instagram post, I still haven’t really interacted with someone with autism, but from what I learned from parents based on their blogs and social media posts, they prefer to be asked sincerely about their situation instead of just staring at them, because stares could be misunderstood. No matter how well your thoughts are, staring at them or their children could be processed in a not so good manner. If you have questions, if there’s something you need to understand, parents welcome questions and would be happy to impart more knowledge about their lives and autism in general.

I know, sharing anything blue on that day may seem so little, but I do hope that this little initiative helped in spreading awareness about autism.


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