A Month in the Life | March 2016


March was a better month for me because of many reasons –

  1. Even if none of us were able to travel to La Union for daddy’s death anniversary, us three girls were together to commemorate it. To say it is a “celebration” would be weird, but as much as we were sad to lose the head of the family, we have already accepted it, and think of it as a day dad was welcomed into the kingdom of God.
  2. I tried another recipe taught to me by amore mio Lorenzo – Spaghetti alla Sicciliana, or also called as Pasta alla Norma. This dish didn’t have any meat, and it was my first time to use eggplant as pasta sauce, but this blew me away. Even my sister loved it so much, she said it tasted like something served from a restaurant.
  3. I got to meet up with my bookish girlfriends to pick up our Book Outlet order, and it was my first time to meet Gie in person. It was so great to spend a day with them.
  4. I was able to see the partial solar eclipse. I wasn’t able to see the changes, but this picture was already good enough for me.
  5. Lorenzo and I started doing video calls as means of communication. It started one time, when I was having a bad day, and he just told me to hold on 5 minutes and then I received a call from him, and it was so funny, I thought it was a phone call ’til he said to look at the screen and saw that he was at the beach. It was still winter in Italy, but when I asked why he was outside, he said, “I know it’s night there, so I called to give you the sun.” It was definitely something that made me teary eyed. For this month, we were able to video call about three times, and I already got to meet a few of his friends.
  6. This didn’t make a big buzz, but also this month, there was a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Well, I didn’t get to see that little shadow on the moon, but it did look illuminated that night.
  7. Eunice had this idea for us girlfriends – or titas or amigas – to have pictures of us “reading anywhere.” Well, this is something I already do, but not as conscious as when Eunice told it to us. Looking back on my past travels, I did regret not being able to take shots like this. Well, now that this personal project is well on its way, I think I will be having more “read anywhere” pictures soon.
  8. Now, the reason why I don’t have as much “read anywhere” pictures, is because ever since I started incorporating social media with my travels eons and eons ago, my personal project has always been taking pictures of my feet to remember the day by. After this month, I will now have two personal projects, and I am loving it! This particular picture of my feet was taken along the beach side of El Pescador Resort in Bolinao (Pangasinan), where the girls and I stayed at.
  9. The main reason why we traveled to Pangasinan was mom’s high school homecoming party. Since she retired from work and had cataract operation, us siblings didn’t let her travel alone anymore, so my sister and I went with her – to be her photographer. Hahahaha. Well, we did get to enjoy the beach, too, so it’s a win-win situation for us.

Here on the blog, I finally was able to break free from my fear of sharing thoughts about the books I have read, though of course, I still have a lot of catching up to do, because I truly want to talk about most of the books I have read – including those from 2013, 2014, and 2015… but I will get there. Hopefully scheduling things would work well for me.

Bookstagram has been very rewarding for me this month. It was such a sweet victory to finally have 3K followers, and the pictures I post now receive better amount of likes, one of which hit the all time high at 900+ likes, the first time for my page to receive such response. I think it was this month that I felt the “growth” in the way I photograph and edit my pictures, and of course I do have to thank my dear girlfriends for the inspiration I picked from them (hello, #kahoystagram). Also, I now have found a way to fully utilize the explore page on Instagram… before I go there to look for bookstagrammers to follow, or to look for books I may want to read… now, I also look at their pictures – how each items were placed and try to seek inspiration from them. Of course, direct copying of images is a no-no, but I guess it is safe to use one or two images as an inspiration. Although, I don’t think I can do those pictures with so many props, as I don’t have money to buy for such things, and I don’t have a lot of time to take pictures, I don’t want to shorten that time further by arranging props and cleaning the table after. Right now, I am still looking for ways to improve my bookstagram. Any tips will be much appreciated.

Summer is finally here, which is quite uncomfortable for me, but there’s something about summer that makes me happy, so I am looking forward to a wonderful April. I just hope I can read at least 5 “new” books (as I will re-read three), not succumb to laziness especially with trying out recipes for my food blog. I feel I have neglected it already.


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2 Responses to A Month in the Life | March 2016

  1. Favorite ko yung number 5! ā¤ but of course numbers 2-3 din! Hihihi teach me the recipe, Tita! ā¤


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