Winning @geemizbook’s Birthday Giveaway


I do love joining giveaways, but I usually just join giveaways hosted by bookstagrammers I am already following. When @geemizbooks hosted a birthday giveway, I didn’t hesitate to join because the prize was so high ($30 on book/s from The Book Depository), it would be crazy if I didn’t give myself the chance. Like many giveaways I joined in the past, I just post the giveaway image, say a little a prayer for good luck, and just wait for the announcement of winner(s).

It took days (after the giveaway period) for Gee to announce the winner of her giveaway. It was funny, though… I was washing the dishes one night, and while scrubbing the plates, I just thought – What if I win the giveaway? How shall I spend $30?


Imagine my surprise when, after my chore, I looked at my phone and saw there was a notification that I won! I already had a few books chosen, but of course I had to make sure my choices would be within the $30 price range.


One of the two books I have chosen is this copy of “The Steel Seraglio” by Mike Carey, Linda Carey, and Louise Carey. This is one of my favorite books last year, and it is my mission to have all the physical copies of my top 10 books of each year. Thankful to this giveaway, I now have a copy of it, because I seriously don’t know how will I buy this given its price – $20 on The Book Depository (but it is about $14 on Amazon).

When I received this book, I realized how blessed I was. What happened was, this parcel was addressed to Gee’s full name, and even if this had my home address, it was incomplete. I was so grateful that the main post office sent this parcel to the community post office here, because if they decided to hold it at the main post office and just send me a claim form, I would never able to pick it up given the details on the parcel (how in the world could I produce an ID bearing Gee’s name). I was also grateful that despite the incomplete address, our community postman took the initiative to deliver it here because he said that in his life as a postman, it was only here that he has delivered books.

Thankful that the first book already delivered, I still have fears about the other book, because it also had the same name and address, but Gee was so kind to say that if I don’t receive the other book by second week of April, she will re-order the book.


Of course, I didn’t want Gee to re-order the book, so I was so happy when the postman knocked on our gate to deliver the parcel. Sigh of relief, indeed! For the remaining $10 of my prize, I chose this wonderful edition of “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov. Of all the cover versions for this book, this is the one I truly want to own because it looked artistic.

Now that I have these two books, I can now officially tick them off my wish list. Thank you so much, Gee, for the generosity!



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2 Responses to Winning @geemizbook’s Birthday Giveaway

  1. MsArdychan says:

    I sounds like you had a wonderful week! I have never heard of The Steel Seraglio but I will check it out. I have read Lolita a few times over the years. I’m glad you found a copy that you like so much. May you have an even better week ahead!


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