Blue and Gold


Oh my dear lawd… I totally didn’t realize this is going to be the third week that I will be sharing blue nails. Totally not my favorite, but… thinking what to share for this week, I decided to use the cover of my current read as inspiration for my manicure.


I am currently reading “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” by Mary Higgins Clark, America’s Queen of Suspense. I started reading this last Saturday as part of #ayearathon, but I wasn’t able to finish it because my weekend was so hectic and that summer has started and I just get tired so easily that I just wanted to be still and quiet. I am hoping I can finish this in two days because I have set myself to read ten books this month and I only have finished one. Arrrgh.

IMG_9030 IMG_9013

Just a very simple manicure for this one because whole day yesterday I cleaned my room and I had a very short time this morning to apply nail polish. For the blue nail polish, I used Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in Blue Flash, a royal blue nail polish with silver dust…and for the accent nail, I used OMG Gems Collection in Beryl, a yellow gold liquid sand nail polish. Both applied easily, but it wasn’t surprising because these are my go-to brands whenever I need to have a manicure in such a short time.

Both nail polishes dry quick and I was able to layer three thick coats without having to worry that they would bubble and ruin the whole look. OMG dried quicker than Bobbie, but applying a top coat seemed to help make the blue nail polish dried faster than usual.


For a quickie manicure, I could say this turned out good. And yes, I do have a thumb, but I don’t know, when I took this picture, I was holding my thumb and pointer finger at an L shape.

And because I liked this, I might go ahead and pattern my manicure with my current read. It will allow me to read faster, and… I can get to play with my nail polishes. I am not good in making nail art, so most of it will be just like this – plain and simple. I just hope I have nail polishes close to the colors of my current read. 🙂



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