Cool Beans Library Café (Maginhawa, QC)

Every Saturday here on the blog (if I am available, that is), I will share some bookish stories “beyond the library” – be it about a food trip, a meet up with bookish friends, or anything that is not a book review or wrap up, but is still bookish in some sort of way.

For this week, let me share a food trip my sister and I had nearly a year ago.


We first heard of Cool Beans Library Café months before and wanted to visit it because we know Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is quite near our place, but it was only when we watched “English Only Please” (starring Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay) during the Metro Manila Film Festival (December 2014) that made us put this on our bucket list. It took us ’til March before we finally visited the place, but setting foot inside, it made us feel like we were in bookish heaven!

I don’t know why though, I lost the some of the pictures I took from that day, so I could only share this collage I first posted on my Instagram page. It was good timing on our part that the couch area was available, because we did want to spend an ample amount of time browsing their books while trying out their food.

They have a good selection of books to satisfy every guest. My sister enjoyed browsing through different coffee table books as she isn’t really a reader, while I took my time checking the books I wish to own. One thing I liked is that we can select books one after another (provided we place back the book where we first got it).


This is a self-service dining place, meaning you go to the counter and order your food, and you also have to walk back to the counter to get your food. All condiments and utensils can also be taken there, so if you needed this and that, it would mean having short trips to the counter and back at your table.

Food we tried –


Creamy Bacon Mushroom Pasta 〉〉〉 My sister’s choice. The serving was big for its price and was delicious, but the spaghetti was overcooked to the point that new chewing was needed, it was melting in the mouth! It was for that reason that my sister took too long eating her food, but even if I encouraged her to send it back and ask for a better serving, she decided to let it be.

Iced Kalinga Roast 〉〉〉 To go with her pasta, sister chose to go for Iced Coffee, which tasted really good!


Pan-Grilled Pork Belly 〉〉〉 Usually, when I go to a food place “new” to me, I would ask the staff for their recommendation, and saying that I wanted to eat rice, the staff asked me to try this dish out. This was indeed a very delicious dish. The pork may look very dark, but it wasn’t really burnt. The meat was tender, marinated well, and was good enough for sharing. It was the kind of meat dish I want to recreate at home, but I doubt if I could, so I think if I want to try this again, I will just go back.

Sagada Roast 〉〉〉 Since my sister tried out their Kalinga Roast, I went for another brew. I tasted it as is and it was so, so, so, good…something worth to try black. However, I do prefer my drink with cream and sugar.

Cool Beans Library Café offers coffee drinks sourced from the highlands – Kalinga, Sagada, and Benguet. They do offer different coffee varieties, but we opted to go for basic coffee this time because we still haven’t tried any of the highlands brew.

Overall, this was a very awesome dining experience. Should you come here only to dine, I suggest you take any of the tables to the left, because it was difficult to eat by the couch and coffee table unless we sit on the floor. But…if you are like us who came here mainly to read, the couch was your best bet because it was comfortable.

Through this post, I want to apologize to Cool Beans Library Café for putting our feet up on the couch. We only noticed the sign that it wasn’t allowed while we were eating our food. I promise, we only put our feet up while we were taking pictures. 🙂

Cool Beans Library Café is located at 67A Maginhawa Street in UP Village, fronting Holy Family Academy. Getting there was fairly easy, but if you’re like us who takes public transportation, you can take any bus or jeep going to Philcoa and take a tricycle ride near Bank of Commerce and tell the driver to take you to Cool Beans. They pretty much know where to take you.



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  1. Shealea Iral says:

    Oh my god, I didn’t even know Maginhawa had something like this!!! I loved this post.


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