Mani Monday | Color Trends 117

Before I became a bookworm, I used to spend most of my extra money on nail polishes. Well, I don’t really buy those expensive foreign brands (except for a few Korean brands on my stash) as nail polishes tend to harden over time and I find it a little too disheartening taking them off, making me feel my money vanished into thin air. This is just a personal thing and I don’t have nothing against nail polish lovers as I do own a shelf of nail polishes myself. Anyway, despite the cheaper prices of locally made nail polishes, they still do eat a chunk of money, so in a way I could say it was such a good thing that I shifted to books, but my love for nail polishes is still there, though not as intense as before.

“Mani Monday” is a weekly blog meme I used to participate in, until I suddenly became lazier and lazier with my blogging. However, seeing my stash of nail polish that I still haven’t posted on any of my social media sites, I figured it would be a nice thing to combine two things I like – books and nail polish.


For this week’s opening salvo, I am bringing you Color Trends’s Nail Polish in 117. Personally, I don’t like it when nail polishes only uses numbers instead of fancy names to go with its shade, but okay… I guess there are just so many colors, hues, and shades that manufacturers just couldn’t keep up.

CYMERA_20160222_095352 CYMERA_20160222_095526

Color Trends Nail Polish is a local brand manufactured by the company that is known for other well known brands – Chic and Bobbie. I am a big fan of Bobbie, but I admit I don’t own a lot of Chic nail polishes. Among the three brands, Color Trends is the cheapest – 20 pesos per bottle, which is less than a dollar. I just don’t like it that the label takes up all of the bottle’s space, making it different to do a swatch ala “professional” nail bloggers.

Formula wise, I have no complaints. I can use a very thick application and layer three coats with ease. It dries quick, it layers well, and despite the thick coats, it dries flat. This particular shade isn’t my usual choice… my sister actually bought this one as she is now also painting her nails, but could only go for neutral tones because she works in the food and beverage industry and wouldn’t want to attract too much attention. I must say, this shade went well with my brown skin. For this manicure, I used three thick coats, letting it dry for five minutes before applying each coats. I didn’t use top coat for this.


I paired my manicure with the psychological thriller book – Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson. Now I realize it will be difficult to look for books in my library that would go well with each of the nail polish or nail art I would use, but I will try my best. πŸ™‚ I have already read this book, and a proper book talk will be posted in the future.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


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