Book Talk | The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry



  • “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry (translated by: Katherine Woods)
  • ISBN: 1853261580 / ISBN13: 9781853261589
  • Number of Pages: 91
  • Publisher: Egmont UK
  • Publication Date: 1991 (first published 1943)
  • Format and Source: Paperback, bought at Fullybooked
  • Date Read: 10 May 2013
  • Rating: 5 Stars


A pilot forced to land in the Sahara meets a little prince. The wise and enchanting stories the prince tells of his own planet with its three volcanoes and a haughty flower are unforgettable.

A strange and wonderful parable for all ages, with super illustrations by the author.


So as not to confuse you with some of the details I provided above, let me give a little timeline – I first read this on eBook in 2013, then I bought my first physical copy (Wordsworth Classics) in 2014, and bought another copy (Egmont) in 2015.

I was in the middle of my very first readathon when I decided to read this because it was short. I knew then that this is a well-loved book, but something that I knew nothing about, so I decided to read it. My life was changed after two hours.

The book was a short read, yet it was filled with oodles of goodness. If you have read it, you know what I am talking about… but if you still haven’t, please do read it, it’s awesome. Don’t worry if you think you’re “too late” in the game or “too old” for such book; I tell you, no one is too old or too late for this book.


On the surface, it is a book for kids, but the one thing I loved about this is that it has double meanings. Looking at it as a children’s book, it has a cute, fun story, which parents would love to read to their kids… yet, digging deep into it, it has very meaningful words that is full of knowledge. If you are looking for something inspirational, heartwarming, but short, I highly recommend this one. No matter what your age is, this will surely tug a string in your heart. Although, this might be a little too complicated for the very young ones, I still recommend parents to read this to their children, and let them keep the book until they grow old, because I feel this is the kind of book that is good to re-read because our perspective in life changes, and our views about this book changes as well. I have re-read this book three times already, and for such a short read, I have learned many new things with each re-read.

Its cast of characters are so peculiar, they’re adorable! Of course, my favorites are the Fox and the Rose, but all the characters you will meet in this book has their own shine and purpose, and a story to tell.

Since this is a short book, I won’t talk about longer about it anymore, and just let you read it. At less than 100 pages, some of it with illustrations, it won’t eat too much of your time. Actually, if you can only read one book in your life, I would say this would be a great choice.





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