January 2016 Wrap-Up

With a goal of 100 books to read, the pressure was really on by the start of the year. Unfortunately, it seems my reading pace became slower and slower, and I just couldn’t seem to find my old speed. Still, I managed to read these books:


Breaking it up in the order I read them…

We altimekeeperl yearn for what we have lost, but sometimes we forget what we have.

“The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom – Last year, I started my year with a Mitch Albom book, so I decided to start this year with another book by him. This one’s a great book to start the year, very philosophical and it put my mind in the right perspective. 4 stars. oleander

The phoenix must burn to emerge.

“White Oleander” by Janet Fitch – My supposed to be first book for #ayearathon. Unfortunately, I took my slow time reading this book because aside from reading and going through my daily life, it was also the time that I opened this blog and I got caught up with the posts that my little time intended for reading has been devoted to blogging. No regrets, because it was good to finallyassassins open a book blog. As for this book, I love the overall tone of it, and though very sad, I could also say that I enjoyed reading it. 4 stars.

You don’t realize how much you miss something ’til it comes back to you, and then you wonder how you went so long without it.

“The Assassin’s Curse” by Cassandra Rose Clarke – My first buddy read for the year, reading with my girls Eunice, Krish, and Gie. I am not really into fantasy books, and I admit I bought this book simply because the original publishing house that published this book closed, and I wanted to havpiratese a copy in its original edition. I didn’t have any expectations reading this, but wow… it was very interesting to say the least. I had a few little complaints about it, but it was such a fun read, and I am grateful to have read this book. 3 stars.

Oh, never mind the curse. You can’t let that dictate your life.

“The Pirate’s Wish” by Cassandra Rose Clarke – This concluding book to the duology was more fun and more joy to read! I truly, truly loved this book… its characters, its story… everything! Still not a perfect book for me, but this is what I want in a fantasy book. 4 stars.

witch automaton

“The Witch’s Betrayal” by Cassandra Rose Clarke – First of the two short stories I read this month; this one’s okay, though very, very short. Naji, even if he redeemed himself in “The Pirate’s Wish,” still has a dark cloud of misery, and although this short story told a little something about his life before he met Ananna, I felt it was still not enough. I wish Ms. Clarke would write a full book about Naji and his assassin life. I truly would like to know more about him. 3 stars.

“The Automaton’s Treasure” by Cassandra Rose Clarke – Another short story related to Ms. Clarke’s duology, this time a part of Marjani’s life. Short, yes… but very interesting and very “Hiraya Manawari” / “Wansapanataym” (local full-of-lessons TV shows). 4 stars.

Life is thelephantse most spectacular show on Earth.

“Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen – Though I wasn’t able to fully participate on #ayearathon, I still wanted to continue with my TBR. This book on the surface, was beautiful, something I would like to give full 5 stars because it warmed my heart and I loved the contrast between the beautiful and ugly truths about the circus life. However, digging deep, I found a few little problems with it, so in the end I gave it 3 stars.

To know what a person has done and to know who a person is, are very different things.

burial“Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent – Technically my first book for the #RYBSAT, this was my favorite book for the month. It was haunting, it was compelling…and the writing was just magnificent! Also, now I appreciate this edition I own, as I was able to find the significance of the feather on the cover. 5 stars.

A true hero is flawed. The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles – preferably of his own making – in order to triumph.

racing“The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein – It is about a dog, but not really about a dog…and it is about racing in the rain, but not really about racing in the rain. This book is very unique and one of a kind, and my gosh, it really made me cry. 5 stars.

Death makes no distinction. Death is a great leveller; it reaches everyone. All you have is time.

sister“Not Without My Sister” by Celeste Jones, Kristina Jones, and Juliana Buhring – Part of my plans, goals, and resolution for this year is to read one non-fiction book every month, and this was my choice for that genre. The only eBook I read this month, I decided to read this instead of my physical books because I already reserved them for a future #ayearathon challenge. This one was difficult to read – not because of the writing – but because of what the sisters went through in their lives. 3 stars.

All in all, I read 10 works of literature – 8 full books and 2 short stories. Not bad, really… but not that good either. If not for the 2 short stories, I think I will be behind schedule for my GoodReads challenge.

Still, I am happy with the way this reading month turned up. I was able to read more of the books I already own, and that I had a very good selection of books. All I have to do is to keep up with this, and maybe read a little faster, and everything will be on track.


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