A Month in the Life | January 2016

Aside from this blog, I also blog about food (though both blogs are not active). Back then, I have separate blogs for food, travel, personal, and photography, something I miss doing, but for now I know I can only attend to the two existing blogs. This blog is mainly for books, but once in a month, allow me to share some personal stuff through this series of monthly recaps. If I can, I will connect things with anything bookish, so as to retain cohesion, but if I can’t, I apologize, and I hope that that would just be fine.

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The girls and I went to ACE Water Spa in Pasig City and enjoyed it immensely. This trip unfortunately made my mom’s knees worse and she couldn’t bend nor step using her left knee, but the time we spent at the spa took away shyness I had towards wearing swimsuit in the public. That night, we stayed at a hotel nearby, and was able to read a few chapters, though the yellow tone light at the hotel made it difficult to continue.

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Mid-month, I met up with fellow bookstagrammers who are also considered good pals and friends online. It was my third fourth time to see Rexy (@reading_rexy), and my first time to meet Eunice (@nerdytalksbookblog), as well as Lei (@lei_reads), Avy (@avy_reads), Jovel (@travelthrubooks), Janna (@bibliophilemom), and Arra (@arrabelreads). Earlier that day, Us three (Rexy, Eunice, and I) met up for lunch at Glorietta, before going to Bonifacio High Street to meet the rest of the girls. It was such a fun, fun day… and I am so glad to have found friends whom I share a lot of things with. Bookstagram may be a big place, but making friends – the good kind, the kind of friends you can chit chat with every day – is actually not that easy. Though I am not super duper close with most of the girls, their visions and stand on some things are similar to my own, that’s why I jive with them. As for Rexy and Eunice, they are my friends for nearly two years already, and we truly get along real fine. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time us girls meet up. I truly look forward to more happy days like this one.

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Just this last weekend, my mom, my sis, and I traveled to Tagaytay. After what happened to my mom’s knee, which is quite okay now, I realized we should explore more, and see nearby places we (as a family) haven’t seen yet. I will push this to happen once a month, not as a way to splurge, but as a way to enjoy while we still have feet to carry us. Major getaways will be reserved during special dates (aka birthdays), but for not so special months, we might explore nearby provinces and/or try new things together. We want to build happy memories, while still trying to make sure we do it in the cheapest, possible way.

Anyway, we didn’t get to explore that much because of time constraints. Traffic in the city was a factor, as well as our slow walking. We couldn’t really walk that fast because of mom’s knee, but it was a very wonderful thing that despite all the walking we have done, she never complained about knee pain. She just couldn’t walk fast, that’s all. For this trip, we only to see Picnic Grove, a little bit of Cliffhouse, Mahogany Market, Ayala Mall, and two side trips to two different Starbucks. Well, time surely just wasn’t enough… and we promised to get back and see more of the city. Next time we travel, we will check different museums, and maybe push for a three-day, tw0-night stay, still at the Taal Vista Hotel. It wasn’t a cheap hotel to stay at, but they do have a very beautiful view deck and delicious breakfast buffet. The price was definitely worth it.

IMG_20160118_085326 952da7d4af6ab16a55aaa810eed4a87586cd6d35fcea7fa462ff5840d74f3934

This month, I learned of something wonderful. While at Fullybooked with Rexy and Eunice, Rexy mentioned something about “buying a book to remember the day by,” and it sparked something in me. This is a very tricky thing to do, and because not every place I will visit will have a book store, I told myself I will only, only buy something that I truly, truly love, and not just buy a book just because. Of course, if the only book store in the area don’t have something I love, then sorry me… I will just try to buy a book mark or keep some ephemera and create a handmade book mark instead. The whole point is… to buy or keep something to remember the day by, aside from my usual souvenir choice – ref magnets. Thank you for this totally cool idea, Rexy!


For January, I acquired 14 books. Such a happy, happy book haul, because I bought only 6 of the books, 1 was for a book exchange, and the rest were given to me as gifts and freebies. A lengthy, informative post about this will be up tomorrow.


My reading this month was slow (slower than I was this time last year), but I am so happy with how my reading turned up. It is my resolution this year to read books that I already own, and I am glad that I read more physical books than eBooks. In total, I read 10 works of literature – 8 full books, and 2 short stories (not included in the picture). I know, I still read eBooks, but in my defense… the 2 short stories were not available in physical edition (as far as I know), and the one full book, “Not Without My Sister” is something I don’t really want to buy as a physical copy. I do want to read it, but I apologize… I don’t think it would be a book I want on my shelf – not because it was bad, but because of its subject matter.

Checking my 2016 Reading Plans, Goals, and Resolutions… I am happy to say that I –

  • …got to read one non-fiction book this month,
  • …slowly distanced myself from YA Contemporary books (I didn’t read any),
  • …slowly losing the fear of reviewing books,
  • …was okay with joining readathons.

The readathons, well, my participation with #ayearathon wasn’t that good, but that was because it also the same time that I got to open this blog, so I only got to read one of three books I picked for that readathon. The other readathon I joined (#RYBSAT) was a better one because I got to read three books.

I will be posting a February reading plans within this week, but I just want to say that this February, I hope I can continue with the flow of things. Well, I guess checking my plans and goals and resolutions, I think I will be able to pull this off. I just want to make this an awesome reading year, and I want this to be a year that I got to say, resolutions aren’t just broken promises.

An in-depth breakdown of books I have read this month will be posted tomorrow as well.


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