Thursday Quotables | White Oleander


When my friend Elena tagged me to do the A New Year, A New Book Tag, I saw that she also tagged The Nocturnal Fey, a fellow Bookish Pinoy member. I checked her blog and saw her last Thursday Quotable post, and thought this would be a good platform for me to practice the beautiful art of brush calligraphy, as well as keeping a depository of good quotes I discovered in reading books. I am in no means good in brush calligraphy, but I am willing to learn and somehow I want to see if I will make a progress from here ’til… maybe a year after. Thursday Quotables is a meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies, and if you want to share witty, funny, or philosophical book quotes, feel free to join in.


For my first book quote, I am sharing this line from White Oleander by Janet Fitch. The paper I used here is part of the notepad fellow Bookish Pinoy member Jovel gave me when we had a get together last weekend. The wooden pins on the other hand were given to me by our neighbor as Christmas gift last year. From here on out, I will be using pages from this notepad for the quotes and the pins for the quotes.

The process… using my Pentel watercolors (the ones in tubes), I just added some water… cut a decent size piece of saran wrap, crumpled it, dipped it in the watercolors and applied it to the paper, a la Hermione – swish and flick. I also dabbed some colors so there will be visible traces of yellow and orange. The brush I used is actually a nail art brush; when I decided to learn brush calligraphy, I didn’t want to buy any of those artist’s brushes because of its price, fearing that this might just be a fad for me. With the nail art brushes, not only did I get to practice calligraphy, I could also use the brushes should I want to try putting any art on my nails. Unfortunately, of the eight brushes in the set, I could only use one, and it’s tip always prevents me from creating those “thick downward / thin upward” strokes. Realizing that this isn’t a fad for me anymore, I am now set to buy “real” brushes, or those brush pens with water chamber. Hopefully by mid-year these things will be accomplished.

Anyway, the quote from the book was part of the lessons Ingrid Magnussen imparted to her daughter, Astrid. This book has a lot of inspirational and philosophical quotes, but for this post, I chose to go for something short, but with a substance.


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