Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added on My TBR


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s prompt is about the books that I’ve recently added on my TBR list. This list is based on the upcoming readathons I will be joining in.


From today ’til the 25th, I am participating on #RYBSAT, or the Read-Your-Book-Shelf-A-Thon, which aims to let readers read the books they already own. For this readathon, readers choose their starting point from their shelves and read one book after another for the span of one week. I posted a picture of my shelf on my Instagram (@jayne.vs.books), and I chose to start with “Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent. After reading that, I will then read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein, followed by “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Foer. I am only going for three books for this readathon because I am currently reading “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen, and I couldn’t just put it down to make way for this readathon, so I can only start this readathon as soon as I finish my current read, which would probably be tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday.


26 – 31 of January is an open time for me, so I will use this to make up for the genres or book subjects I “needed” (and wanted, if I may add… I will never ever read books out of pressure) to read, particularly non-fiction. For this genre, I will be continuing with “Not Without My Sister” by Kristina Jones, Celeste Jones, and Juliana Buhring. This is a true story of sisters whose family was part of the infamous religious cult called The Children of God. I started reading this in November, but wasn’t able to continue, so I decided to make this as my non-fiction book for this month. “My Heart and Other Black Holes” by Jasmine Warga is a book I wanted to read last year, but didn’t get to, so I decided to read it as well. These two books will be on eBook format – I know I said I would read the (physical) books I already own, but all of my non-fiction books are intended for other readathons, and the YA book is something I want to read, but not really want to have a physical copy of, so allow me to read these two eBooks instead.


Another readathon coming up is Tackle Your TBR, hosted on Instagram by a bunch of bookstagrammers, which will happen on 01-07 February 2016. They listed six prompt challenges, but I doubt if I can read six books in one week, so I will aim for five, if I can.

“Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes (hyped book) – I honestly don’t know a thing about this book other than it is heartbreaking. A lot of bookworms around me have read this book and raved passionately about it, so okay, let’s go read this. I still don’t own a copy of this book, but the girls and I will be traveling to Tagaytay by the end of the month, and since my dear friend Eunice mentioned that there is already a book store in Tagaytay, and because I want to buy a book to remember a travel/moment by (thanks to my other dear friend Rexy for that awesome idea), I think this is the book that I would buy. Hopefully the book store has a stock.

“I am a Messenger” by Markus Zusak (underhyped book) – Markus Zusak is an author best known for “The Book Thief,” which was my topmost favorite book of 2014. Unfortunately, this book about a man whose leading a boring life as a cab driver until he inadvertently stops a bank robbery and then becomes “the messenger,” is not as known as his other book. I have had this book on my shelf for more than a year, so now’s the time to pick this up and read it.


“Testimony” by Anita Shreve (a book that’s on your shelf for more than a year) – If the Markus Zusak book has been on my shelf for more than a year, this book has been on my shelf for more than TWO years!!! I bought my copy at a second hand book store and got intrigued by its “At a boarding school, a sex scandal was caught on a videotape and is about to break” premise. There are mixed reviews for this book, and whether I end up loving or not loving it, I knew I have to read this now, so I will know if I will keep my book or give it away.

“The Rosie Project” by Grame Simsion (first or last book from a series) – I was shocked to see this well known feel good romantic book at a second hand book store for less than 2 dollars. I don’t own a lot of series, and among the books I own, this is the only series starter that I feel like wanting to read for the readathon.

“Love & Misadventure” by Lang Leav (a book outside your comfort zone) – Poetry is never really my thing. I am amazed at how good poets create their pieces, but the thing is, I could never really write a poem, so I also don’t really read poetry books. I have heard massive raves about Lang Leav’s books, so might as well go and read this one. I will be reading this on eBook format.

So there, the ten books I recently added on my TBR, which will cover my reading from this week ’til the first full week of February. I know I suck at readathons (never finished one for the most part of last year and I failed the first readathon I joined last week), but I am now getting my reading mojo back, I am positive I can read all these ten books.

If you hopped here from the Top Ten Tuesday meme, please leave the link of your TTT post so I can hop back and comment as well. Thank you!


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5 Responses to Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added on My TBR

  1. Ria Sanive says:

    I do want to read The Rosie Project and Me AFTER You… Nice List!
    My TTT
    Happy Reading!


  2. Kate W says:

    Excellent list. Burial Rites, The Rosie Project and Extremely Loud were all among my favourite books the years I read them (and Burial Rites would be in my list of the best books I’ve EVER read).

    Here’s my TTT –


  3. Ayunda says:

    Burial Rites is one of the books I really wanna read this year too. Best of luck for the readathon! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. kgriffin3227 says:

    I read Me Before You and The Art of Racing in the Rain. They both made me cry. If you’re looking for a good cry, these are good picks. My Heart and Other Black Holes is one I want to read too. I read Testimony a long time ago and I remember I liked it, but I can’t really remember anything else about it. I hope you enjoy all of these! Here’s my TTT. Happy reading!


  5. I read Me Before You, The Rosie Project and Burial Rites last year and they are all really good (for all different reasons). I hope you get to reading them!


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