2016 Reading Plans, Goals, and Resolutions


2015 just ended, and new year represents new life and new chances. But before I list the things I want to do in 2016, I thought I’d give a rundown of random ten bookish memories from 2015.

  • Attending the Book and Borders Cafe grand opening.
  • Meeting Cath and Rexy at the Manila International Book Fair.
  • Winning Lei’s giveaway.
  • Encountering an irresponsible seller on Instagram.
  • Receiving books as birthday presents.
  • Winning k8sonline’s giveaway.
  • Buying leatherbound classics and a Sherlock Holmes boxset thru Barnes & Noble (thanks to my friend Gie).
  • Seeing internationally known authors Christine Brae, Tarryn Fisher, and Colleen Hoover in person (even from afar) during their MIBF Book Signing Event.
  • Experiencing the thrills of buying books on Bookoutlet during their Black Friday and Boxing Day sales (again, thanks to Gie).
  • Exchanging books with fellow Bookish Pinoys members for Christmas.

It wasn’t a perfect year, but it has been a great one. I admit my 2015 goals and resolutions weren’t all met because I never really gave it much importance; that after a few months I wrote them I slowly shifted away and just live my life a day at a time. This year, I want to keep up with my goals, and try to accomplish them if I can, without it really ruling over my life. Of course, I am not only a bookworm.


Anyway, my reading goals and resolutions for 2016:

  • Read 100 books. This is a big goal, as I am getting slower and slower in my reading, and balancing different aspects of my life, but the thing is, having to read 100 books in one big achievement, and as my reading goes slower, if I don’t set this goal this year, I might not be able to do this, so might as well do this now, and maybe next year I can go back to an amount confident for me to do.
  • Read one non-fiction book every month. Be it a memoir, a play, a biography or self-help book, I think this would be a good break from reading mostly novels.
  • Read at least 6 Filipino related books. This is not just for books produced or released here in the Philippines, this also goes for books about the Philippines (written by foreign authors), books written by authors with Filipino blood (based in different countries), and books with Filipino main characters.
  • Read books that I already own. A weird fact about me – I buy books I want to read, but I read eBooks of different genres and subjects (yes, YA contemporary). In my mind, owning these books and having them on my shelves felt like they are already there, that I can just read them when I am wrinkly and old, so I will just read eBooks for now. I realized, having books on my shelves waiting and gathering dust has its own risk – that I may lose interest reading them in time. Unhauling unread books is a sad thing, indeed, so as much as possible I don’t wanna do that. The best thing to do to prevent that is to read the books that I already own. Besides, we all know we are on borrowed time, and that even if I am (well yes) young and seem to have a long life to live, nobody knows for sure when the time for me will be up, so might as well read the books I really want to read and to not wait ’til I am old to enjoy them.
  • Buy less books. In 2015, I acquired 131 books, 104 of which I bought. There is happiness in buying books – whether new or second hand, and there is happiness in seeing my massive book case filling up, but aside from the idea of losing interest in some books after sometime, there is also a heavy responsibility in having too much unread books. Yes, I will still buy books, I will never impose a book buying ban on me, but I will definitely lessen the book buying, only buying the books I really, really want to own. Since I read 82 books in 2015, I guess buying a maximum 85 books is a good compromise.
  • Write a review for every book I read. That doesn’t mean posting it here on the blog (though that could be a possibility), but I will definitely jot down my thoughts in my notebook, mainly for sentimental reasons – something to look back on in the future.
  • Tackle 2 big books this year. I have bought (and will still continue to buy) classics. These books will lose their purpose if I will not read them. So as to not to overwhelm myself, I will just tackle two books this year – Jane Eyre and Anna Karenina.
  • Participate in as much readathons as possible. There are a lot of readathons on Instagram, and yes, if the time allows it, I will join… but I am more focused into joining #ayearathon (more details on next post), bout of books, and (joining for the first time) the Dewey’s 24 hour readathon.
  • Slowly distance myself from YA Contemporary novels. Don’t get me wrong, every genre is deserved to be read and as much as there are bad novels from one particular genre, doesn’t mean all books from this genre will be bad, too. There will always be hidden gems in every genre, but the thing is, I am slowly losing interest in some YA Contemporary novels, but at the same time, I consider this genre a security blanket, a guilty pleasure. In my reading life, I think I am a diverse reader, but this year, I want to expand the horizons further. As I slowly distance myself from YA Contemporary, I want to read more Fantasy and non-fiction.
  • Lose the fear. Fear of being left out from hyped, newly released books, fear of writing book talks (especially if I didn’t like the book), fear of not achieving all the goals I set. Yes, these are the goals I have to achieve, but I still believe reading is not a chore. More than anything, I will live my life in a balanced way and not be imprisoned between the pages of a book. Reading is fun, reading is educational, reading is empowering, but there has to be a balance in everything.

I am optimistic this will be a great year. Here’s to hoping I can all of these and more.


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One Response to 2016 Reading Plans, Goals, and Resolutions

  1. Anna Karenina is on my list this year as well!


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