The History of Reading

Hello all, my name is Jayne, and it is a pleasure to have you here. I wasn’t always a reader. Although I was four years old when I learned how to read, reading has never been a choice to entertain myself. In fact, I have always seen it as a chore, and the gap between me and reading widened over time because not only was I not into it, parents also didn’t really push us (their children) to read other than the bible and school books. That sounded negative, but it was true, and I understood them. Times were rough, and we just didn’t have extra means to allocate for other reading materials. For my parents, we basically had two options – read our school books, or read the bible. Aside from that, we live quite far from commercial area in the Metro, so even if there was a hidden desire to read books as I age, it was just hard to reach.

In high school, there was a big boom of local romance pocketbooks, which gave me the chance to read (hiding them from my parents, of course). As for the English books, I guess I could say I have got to read a few Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High pocketbooks, which I liked, but didn’t get to read much of because I was more into Archie Comics. In college, I have started to read books not only because it was required, but because I have friends who love to read, though I usually go for the easy to read ones. The problem with me back then was that I tend to get tired after reading about 20 pages. I just don’t know why… but after a few pages, words would just float in my head making me lose track of what I was reading. Was I some sort of a dyslexic? I don’t know. I still read…but I was then more into magazines where articles were short, allowing me to read and be entertained (as well as gain knowledge). Still, I tried to develop the habit of reading books. At that time, I found solace in self-help and devotional books, because people around me (parents included) felt reading novels was a waste of time, that I’d rather read something educational, something that I would benefit from.

Late 2009, I became friends with Ela and Ecko, who are very much into books. Spending time with them made me realize how much of my life was “wasted” because I never really explored reading. By then, I told myself I will teach myself to read. Big thanks to Booksale (a book store that sells second-hand books), I started buying books – novels included. All to help myself jump-start with the reading habit, but I always came short. I did have moments of triumph, I was able to buy a book mid-2010 that I was able to read in one sitting, but even if I was able to do that, as well as shop for new books (just two) while traveling later that year, my reading was never successful. It was until I finished a book in November of 2012 that I felt I have found the missing spark. It was difficult for me to read that book – the narrative was amazing, but I am more into reading conversations rather than the narrative, so reading this one was already a victory for me. From then, I knew I have gotten over the “20-page syndrome” as I call it, and following a short visit to my uncle’s house where I got to borrow about six books, I knew I have to read while the flame was still in me. I was able to read two more books within that month, but got stuck reading one book for how many months. March 2013, I bought myself an Android Phone and towards the end of the same month, I downloaded and installed the Aldiko eBook Reader, and it was a life saver, so to speak. It allowed me to transfer a few eBooks I have in my netbook’s memory and I started reading. I was able to sustain my reading, reading at least one book in a month. It was also this year that I first opened a blog – then called “As Jenn Flips Through.” I enjoyed blogging about books, but it was sad that I had to leave blogging because I encountered personal problems. I still continued reading, but it was just difficult for me to go back to blogging. In 2014, Instagram and GoodReads kept me company. Grateful for these sites/apps, I was able to grow more as a book reader, and I got to meet fabulous people online, who are now considered great friends.


My library also started to take shape. Right now I already have my dream shelf, I was able to read close to 100 books in one year (2014), and even if I read less in 2015, I am still very much happy with the way everything turned out. Probably you’re asking why would I still want to open this blog despite the hurdles. The big reason is because I want to document all my thoughts about the books I read. Other people have inspired and motivated me to read (directly and indirectly), and through this blog I am hoping, in one way or another, I could inspire someone to find love in reading. This blog will not only list books I have read and my thoughts about them, as well as snippets about my bookish life in general. There might be times that my thoughts might not match with yours, but I do hope you will still take the time to read this blog. Thank you.


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